If you are single, don’t drive

I’m not against cars. They are convenient in places where public transport is scarce. Or where there is a need to travel across vast distances. Or where work requires (e.g. a travelling salesman). Or as a family vehicle.

Still, I couldn’t help but think back to the time I drove a short leg of my solo trip. It was undoubtedly enjoyable. But there was a gnawing sense of guilt at the realisation of how wasteful it was to drive a passenger-less fuel guzzler.

In the context of city living with ease of public transport, is it really necessary to drive? Particularly if you are single & driving alone without car pooling.  I’m single and I don’t drive. I can’t recommend going cold turkey on cars to everybody. But allow yourself to take public transport once in a while: apart from keeping our environment just a little bit cleaner and roads less congested, who knows? You might be pleasantly surprised. Think: absolving oneself of parking woes, traffic jams and paying for ever-increasing rates of ERP, and not to mention the benefits of reduced stress levels.

So, if you are single, don’t drive.

Of course, don’t drive either when you are drunk.


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