Penguin suit music made entertaining

Watched the MozART Group from Poland performed tonight at the Singapore Conference Hall.

All these years, I’ve always fantasised about Beethoven’s music being played in rock concert style, and tonight’s performance brought that to life.

Note, if you are a purist who enjoys only conventional classical music performances, you would do best to avoid this concert. Indeed, I would recommend this show to anyone who has always been interested to hear live classical music but find the decorum and penguin suits too staid. The MozART Group is an act that is grounded by its quartet of classically-trained musicians, but never misses a beat in terms of humour, farce, visual spectacular, showmanship and entertainment, sending adults and children into fits of laughter. Creatively, it is said that the musicians do their own music arrangements to suit their string quartet.

And the ticket price was also reasonable, unlike some of the other international acts that come to Singapore these days, which in my opinion is pricing live classical music out of the range of affordability.

Too bad MozART was only performing for one night! Let’s hope the Polish Embassy will bring them back here again in the near future. In the meantime, here’s a teaser guest-starring Bobby McFerrin.


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