27.08 – 28.08.10 – Cromarty, Rosemarkie, Forres, Elgin

The next couple of days were spent in some small towns near Inverness.

Cromarty and Rosemarkie are quaint small towns (locals call them villages) on the Black Isle. Came up close and personal with some cute Highland cows! Felt particularly bold to stand so close to them (in my bright red jacket no less, even though logically-speaking, cows are colour blind, and therefore the colour red has no effect on them…) because of a fence! Rosemarkie is also known for dolphin sightings during high tides, but I wasn’t there at that time. Instead, took a walk to Fairy Glen in the woods, pleasant if a bit muddy. Also visited the Groam Museum to take a look at some Pict stones. Find petroglyphs in general very fascinating. There’s even a Pict Trail in Scotland, something to consider on a next trip.

Also visited Forres since there was a whiskey distillery there, a small one which is essentially run by one man, plus two others running administrative work. Enjoyed the tour, and even the free drams, even though am not much a whiskey buff. Perhaps, one just has to go around tasting more to find the one that suits one best – and no, this is not an excuse for drinking more. Tasting is fun, but quite an art too!

In Elgin, even in the drizzle, the Cathedral was quite a pleasant surprise.

Back in Inverness, my dorm mate and I were determined to try more Scottish food… and we totally lapped up some Haggis!


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