23.08.10 – Glenfinnan, Mallaig & an authentic Scottish Highlands experience

Whilst cooking in the tiny kitchen back at the lodge, I learned of Glenfinnan from two Englishmen who were also lucky enough to have spotted some Highland games (was so jealous – I also want to witness burly Scotsmen throwing logs like tossing toothpicks!) In addition to being scenic, Glenfinnan is famous for also being the film location for one of the Harry Potter movies. The railway viaduct overlooks a loch and glens and must have always been destined for a postcard.

Took a train to Glenfinnan today. On the way there, the train driver even stopped the train on the viaduct and invited us up to the driver’s pit to take photos! By the way, this is not a chartered tourist steam train but the regular Scotrail service.

It was a very wet day and the rain didn’t stop even after I got off at Glenfinnan. But then again, without the rain, this trip would not have been an authentic Scottish experience, so I say! Tried walking in the rain for about 45mins but the route up to the viewing point is so wet that I decided to retire to an old train carriage-turned-cafe for a hot cup of tea instead while waiting for the train to Mallaig.

My intention was to go for a good walk in Glenfinnan to work up an appetite so I can justify a good lunch when I reached Mallaig. But just because the first part of my plan didn’t work out doesn’t mean I have to compromise on the second part.

It was still raining when the train pulled in at Mallaig. Had a cullen skink (a typical Highland fish soup with milk, fish, potatoes and other vegetables) and some seared scallops and that was basically my day. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the lunch was yummy!


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