21.08.10 – A fruitful garden

The hostel that I stayed in Oban is very unique. The minute I stepped in, the fragrance of lilies sweetly invades. Vases of beautiful fresh flowers sit by the window sills and on the dining table, adding a homely yet elegant touch. Was told these are self-grown and none of them store-bought. In the morning, breakfast is bread, butter and jam made from strawberries and raspberries, plucked from the proprietor’s very own garden.

This morning, I was fortunate enough to bump into the proprietor (weekends are busy in the hostel) and asked whether I could see his garden, which is on a plot of land 5 minutes’ walk away from the hostel. And what a garden it is, multi-terraced and bearing raspberries (although the season is almost over), strawberries, prunes, vegetables such as kailan, broccoli, cucumber, herbs such as dill, beautiful flowers such as lilies and sweet pea in full bloom and many others. The garden is one big organic growth that blossomed over the course of 15 years and a result of a lot of hard work. Although am not lucky enough to delve into gardening back where I live, I’ve not given up the plan to plant some potted herbs when I get back and this visit just strengthens my resolution.

Interestingly, the proprietor himself has also been to South America and put up big framed photographs taken in Peru and Bolivia on the kitchen wall. That also reminded me of my grand plans of photo art…


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