19.08.10 – Edinburgh-Glasgow-Oban

Decided to leave Edinburgh first and explore it later when I come back.

Crossed pretty picturesque countrysides, just like those seen on BBC period Austen-type dramas set to Beethoven’s pastoral Symphony No. 6 on my mp3 player. Although I’ve been to the UK several times, I finally appreciate meadows for being, well, meadows with the occasional herd of black and white or brown cows completing the picture. Just the way they are described in childhood story books. Enjoying every bit of the green countryside.

Went for a quick walkabout in Glasgow’s city centre and checked out a few buildings, including the City Halls which is the seat of the world-class BBC Scottish Symphony and the Old Fruitmarket, which is no longer a fruitmarket, but a cool concert venue.

Caught the 12.21pm train from Glasgow to Oban. Once outside of Glasgow, the train traverses part of the scenic West Highlands, crossing through the Loch Lomond national park district and then subsequently, passing by Loch Awe: lush green cruciferous mountains hugging beautiful waters, luminated by the afternoon sun.

And Oban – a small town that acts as a jumping point to some of the nearby Hebridian isles – was in its summer glory. Had a great time strolling along the waters, walking past quaint buildings with the Isle of Kerrera in sight and basking in the warm glow of the sun on this day with exceptionally good weather. And the best part of this time of the year is, the sun doesn’t set till a quarter to nine!


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