18.08.10 – Edinburgh

Upon arriving in Edinburgh – which I heard is most beautiful – I was taken back by the throngs of people. I just walked into what I’m told is the world’s largest arts festival!

The so-called Edinburgh festival started off with just the Edinburgh International festival back in the 30s. Some arts group that were left out of the International festival decided to band together for a Fringe festival and today the Fringe festival eclipses the International festival in size, and both festivals plus some other festivals (book festival, Military Tattoo) all make up the Edinburgh festival and the mayhem month of August. All hotels are booked out and choice accommodation rare, as I found out while spending my first two hours in Edinburgh searching for accommodation.

Wasn’t what I had quite in mind for a holiday. But was told Edinburgh is seldom like this: apart from the festival month, it is usually quiet.

And even if you don’t feel like paying (some of the performances are very expensive), there are plenty of free performances and buskers, some of which are of high quality.

The city is in frenzy!


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