12.08-13.08.10 – Salamanca, Segovia

Took the Renfe to Salamanca and stayed overnight there. Passed through the countryside that brought back some memories of earlier travels in Spain. Also passed by Avila where you can see the famed city fortress.

Salamanca has a lot of interesting heritage buildings to see, but I think the most unique one has to be the University. This is apparently the third oldest university in the world. Afraid you can’t locate the site? You can’t miss the incredibly ornate facade.
Went to Segovia from Salamanca the next day. Again, without a map or guidebook. Will keep this post short as Segovia’s old town itself is littered with interesting buildings (sometimes the exteriors bely the interiors) and just mention that the Roman aquaduct – one of the best-preserved Roman remains in Spain – is impressive. Best-preserved because apparently the Turks gave up trying to take it down because it was too difficult and time-consuming. Goes to show what structural marvel the Romans erected. The Alcazar is also mildly interesting, although don’t be swayed by all that talk of how it is the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella castle, because I remember another castle in Germany that purportedly gave that inspiration too. Anyway that’s Segovia’s old town, although there is more to see on the outskirts. Maybe some other time. For now, I have to go back to Madrid.


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