A tale of travel

Watched a quirky Ecuadorean movie titled Que tan lejos, or “How much further”. The story is about 2 girls who meet on a bus that was travelling from Quito to Cuenca. Half way through, the bus journey was cut short due to a strike and road block, and the girls had to find alternative ways of continuing on to Cuenca. On the way, they meet interesting characters.

Although I managed to avoid roadblocks during my travels in South America, and my experiences were somewhat different from the heroines’, still, the movie’s dialogue – at times funny, at times brilliant – struck a chord with me. Like how one of the heroines mentioned that she carries her guide book only for security, so that if she is lost, she can always look into it for directions. And how she always carries tampons in her bag because what with the weather and emotions, one really never knows.

And watching the sceneries of Ecuador on film brought back memories of my own trip!


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