Inebriated in a foreign language

While writing my last post, I was just about to start on a set lunch that comes with a delicious clear forest mushroom and onion soup, a lovely oven-baked pineapple-glazed pork chop, dessert and a generous glass of red wine, all for less than US$12. I don’t – nor can I afford to – eat like this everyday. But this was my penultimate day in San Pedro de Atacama and I just got back from a great early morning trip out to the geysers, stripping in -10 degree celcius for a dip in the thermal spring, visiting a tiny village of 35 and enjoying the mountainous view of frozen streams, grazing llamas and vicunas and giant cacti. I had to end this trip with a bang.

After my last post, I was to have another glass of wine, 2 pisco sours (one of which extra dry), a beer (I can’t believe that I haven’t discovered this beer in Chile until now!), a herbal tea that failed to tame the alcohol, some tears, laughs, good stories and amazing company, the last of which was totally unexpected and absolutely serendipitous.

The lunch and after drinks extended way past sunset. By nightfall, I was so inebriated (the wines are served so generously here, that I effectively had one bottle of wine from just two glasses) to the point that I was babbling nonsense – in Spanish – no less.

But what a way to end an amazing trip in this wonderfully special region.


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