Is it possible to be this happy?

The past 3 days have been everything and bliss. There is just something so special about this place that is totally unexpected. Or is it the lithium in the air in this mountainous region that is high in mineral content? (Lithium is known to be used in anti-depressants).

More details of the sights later. Right now, I’m lounging in a courtyard with a glass of Chilean red wine.

Living in the moment.



3 thoughts on “Is it possible to be this happy?

  1. MP

    Awww….i want to be in that picture of bliss beside u! Can be kind n lug a bottle of Chilean vino back home so we can do this some time? 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    Now, this I am interested in. For future reference – if I am extremely upset with life, etc, should I ask to be shipped off to Chile for preservation’s sake?

  3. plumerainbow

    Until now I’m still not sure why that region felt particularly relaxing and why I felt so at ease, and this is even before the alcohol. Perhaps it is indeed the lithium.

    But San Pedro de Atacama is really a chilled place in spite of the all-year round tourism. Will write more about the place soon.

    But in response to jenn’s comments, if life really gets so bad, ANY change of environment would be helpful *LOL*


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