23.07.10 – Lago Titicaca (Peruvian side): the floating island of Uros and Taquile island

Joined a tour to two islands on the Peruvian side of Lago Titicaca, which is the most economical way of visiting these islands.

The first was the floating island of Uros. This is a man-made island, made of mud base tied together and stacked with layers of reeds, inhabited by the pre-Incan community of the Aymara tribe. Today it is rather touristy, but how else would you get to see such a unique style of mobile living or architecture? It was sunny day but a crisp morning, with the frost on the reeds still crystal-solid.

Thereafter it was a 2 and a half hour cruise to Taquile, where we hiked up the hilly island, here at an altitude of about 3800m under strong sun, so be sure to take it easy. The view from above is gorgeous, almost as if you were standing on a dry oasis amidst the deep blue waters.

Also met two very nice Puerto Ricans who were on the same bus as I was from Cusco yesterday and some Chinese people, and it was fun to converse in 3 different languages, which made the return trip very pleasant.

We were back on land by nightfall, and this being my last night in Peru, I was determined to try cuy (guinea pig).

And I did!

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