10.07.10 – The Galapagos islands: Isla Floreana – Cormorant Point, Post Office Bay

Reached Isla Floreana overnight on a bumpy ride. Felt a bit giddy but the fresh sea air and fabulous mp3 did the trick.

Unfortunately could not see any flamingos at Cormorant point. Apparently the shrimps which the flamingos feed on are increasingly becoming extinct, thereby having an impact on the upper food chain. Saw more sea lions and sting rays embedded in sand at shallow waters.

We were scheduled for an early lunch so that the catamaran could cruise immediately after.

After siesta, we went to Post Office Bay, also on Isla Floreana. Tweaked the tradition a bit: instead of dropping an addressed postcard, I dropped one for future visitors from Malaysia and Singapore, so if any of you visit the Galapagos, you will get to read my message! While a bunch of guys played football, the ladies lazed on the beach while 2 English ladies braved the waters without wetsuits.

Thereafter, we embarked again and cruised for another 4 hours to Puerto Ayora, this being our last night on the Galapagos. The last night!


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