08.07.10 – The Galapagos islands: Isla Fernandina – Punta Espinosa, Isla Isabela – Urbina Bay

Saw too much and I’m sure I missed out something. Will just list down in point form:

At Punta Espinosa:
Lava rock terrain – Pahoehoe and A’a lava rock (NB: Interesting story as to why A’a is called A’a)
Volcan La Cumbre
More tiquila cactus
Marine iguanas
Pilot whale (just the fin and the back)
Flightless cormorants which are endemic to the Galapagos. They evolved into flightless birds (because of atrophied muscles) in just 7000 years. Looks like a big drake actually. But great fishers.

At Urbina Bay:
Poison apples
Yellow wasps (which are rather annoying)
Land iguanas.
Didn’t manage to see any land tortoises which was the intent of the tour. Camera shy eh?

Went snorkelling and swam with sea turtles that I thought were bigger than me.


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