07.07.10 – The Galapagos islands: North of Isla Seymour, Isla Bartolome

The excursion on North Seymour was really early in the morning, 6am! But just as well as had been meaning to catch the sunrise while on this trip.

Male Magnificent Frigatebirds (yes, that’s what they are called, and another specie that looks similar until up close, called Great Frigatebirds) with bright red goular pouch
More nesting blue-footed boobies
More cactus
Colourful plants (which I later found out were called Common Carpetweed, also known as Sea Purslane)
Swallow-tailed gull (with red eyes, night-feeding gulls)
Nesting albatross

Then the catamaran cruised to Baltra as more passengers join us for a 5-day leg. Gone is the exclusivity of having 4-passenger-only catamaran!

In the afternoon, we went to Isla Bartolome and to see its volcano terrain. There’s an interesting plant called lava cactus, which looks like sea cucumbers. Later on, we climbed on a boardwalk to the highest point for the view of Bartholome pinnacle rock. It was much later on that I found out that the same view of the pinnacle rock is found plastered on airport posters promoting the Galapagos. Really, I didn’t know about this; I had come to my dream islands untainted by tourism marketing and entirely on my own volition. That said, having been up there personally, the view is gorgeous and the terrain unforgettable.


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