Of Elphaba and G(a)linda

Despite not having a good night’s sleep and waking up early to catch a flight to Sydney, I was still wide awake by sunset. Perhaps it was the lovely weather and cool breeze of Sydney harbour. I had been here years ago, and I’m sure I had tonnes of photos of the opera house and harbour bridge then. Still, I couldn’t help being snap-happy the whole day. And that was what I did the whole afternoon after getting my visa at the Bolivia consulate on Pitt Street.

I also realised that Capitol Theatre was just around the corner from where I’m staying. So tried asking whether there were any discounted tickets. None, except you can show up 2 and half hours before to put your name in for a lottery, and if you “win” the lottery you pay only $30 for first row tickets. No luck in winning the lottery, but decided heck I’m on a holiday and hence bought full-priced reserved A tickets that got upgraded to “Emerald” seats. This is almost a one-tier priced ticket system since most seats that are opened in the house are reserved A and the price difference between reserved A and B is only $10.

In case you still don’t know, I was watching Wicked. For the second time. Felt the pace in the beginning of this production was a tad slow, and that the wicked witch of the east should have worn wore red shoes instead of silver ones. And since it is supposed to be an Australian production, I wondered why the production chose to let the cast speak in american accents, which felt a bit stilted at times. After all, this IS Oz! (Ok, I admit that is a bad pun.) But I still enjoyed it by and large, and found the story and some lines refreshing.

I am clearly not the only nor biggest fan: apparently SF has watched it 3 times! And I overheard a lady in the audience saying to her friend: “Oz is a metamorphose (sic) for yada yada… I can give you the link to the written thesis.”

Fancy writing a thesis about this. But she could be a drama/theatre student for all I know and not just a Wicked fanatic.

Anyway this fan is typing this with the entire Wicked album playing on mp3.


3 thoughts on “Of Elphaba and G(a)linda

  1. Jennifer

    ooh, I loved wicked. Watched it on west end and would have watched it for the second time on broadway if not for stingy-kevin.

    1. plumerainbow Post author

      Jenn: I watched it first in West End too! Tell your hub not to be so stingy lol
      Mp: my phone batt died yesterday. I called u on skype but no one answered!


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