Turn of the Decade

Having a birthday near the end of the year would have been thoroughly damaging for an introspect. Especially if it’s the birthday when you wave goodbye to your twenties. But not so if you’d spent the past two months in hazy days of fatigue: there are evenings when I drag my weary body home, and repeatedly jab the apartment key into the keyhole, just to discover too many seconds later that it’s the wrong key. Then there was the time where I confidently stepped out of the lift on the floor below, and got faintly amused by what I thought were previously-unnoticed-clutter along the common corridor.

Living in a state of perpetual rush (and lack of sleep) somehow manages to obliterate the blots in your life from the wandering mind. At least, temporarily.

Then just two days ago – a neighbour says to me, “Haven’t heard you play the piano in a long while!” which is pretty flattering – someone notices my playing! – and regrettable at the same time, since it’s been a long while.

Note: to work the ivory keys from time to time.

So it seems that the introspectiveness is not all lost after all. What do I wish for the new year? Perhaps a new state of mind that doesn’t revolve around rushing from one place, errand, task or thought to another. Here’s to embracing the turn of the decade with a  three-decade old body marked with creases on less-than-supple skin and a free-spirited heart!


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